Magandang gabi Yuki po.
Today we have an important announcement for you all.
Tatsuki has been getting his teeth straightened for about a year and a half, but will need jaw surgery to completely correct his tooth alignment and bite.
Therefore, he will undergo surgery on December 1st.

This surgery is not a simple one, so he will be hospitalized for about two weeks after the surgery and will not be able to sing for about three months.
Therefore, he will be taking a break from Yuru for a while.

In order to make his future life more enjoyable and to be able to continue singing for a long time, we decided to get him well now, so we talked about it and decided to do it.
Some videos have already been shot, so we will upload some more videos of the two of us.
And until Tatchan comes back, I’ll be singing by myself and uploading videos.

I would also be happy if everyone from Team Yuru could send their power to Tatchan.
Maraming salamat po.


Magandang gabi Tatchan po.
I’m going to take a break for a little while, but please don’t worry⭐

Please take care Kuya Yuki while I’m gone.
I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone and eating delicious Filipino food again with my beautiful teeth 😊

And we added English subtitles to the ending song of the current video!
I’ll be back soon, so please listen to this song and wait!

I am always grateful for your help.
Maraming salamat po.


【I’ll wait until you come again – Kimi ga kuru made mata matsu yo】
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