Plan list

*The prices below are the content production costs and posting fees. Personnel costs are listed in the notes section.

Photo rate

Facebook+Other social media60,000pesos

Short VDO(Full review 1 min)


Medium VDO(Full review 3 min)


Long VDO(Full review 15 min)


Narration VDO(Full review 5 min)


Live performance ~30 min

・If the number of performances will be more than 2 or the required time will exceed 4 hours.If the performance will be for more than 2 days, please contact us. We will respond and make suggestions as flexibly as possible.
・If you also request us to create a PR video for your event, we will discount 20,000 pesos from the above fee.


1. Basically, we do not delete PR posts. (It will remain on each platform semi-permanently.)
2.The above fees do not include personnel costs, transportation costs, accommodation costs, Costs incurred during shooting, and other necessary expenses, which must be paid separately.
※Transportation costs are subject to change and will be determined at the time of invoice creation.
3.For photo posting and video production requests, we will charge a labor fee of 15,000 pesos/day (25,000 pesos for 2 people) only if we actually go to the site. We also charge a daily allowance of 7,000 pesos on moving days.
4. Accommodation costs are 6,000 pesos/night in Japan (10,000 pesos for 2 people) and 2,500 pesos yen/night in the Philippines (4,500 pesos for 2 people).
5.It is possible to place an advertisement separately for the amount of your choice. (In that case, we will charge 15% of the advertising fee as a commission.)
6. If you wish to avoid receiving orders from competing brands for a certain period of time, we will charge you 40,000 pesos per month.
7. You can pin your PR post on our social media home page for 4,000 pesos per week.
8.Please note that you will be responsible for any bank transfer fees incurred when transferring funds to a Japanese bank.

*All prices listed above are exclusive of tax.

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